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Effective, practical, strategic business consulting and coaching

Business Consultant Port Macquarie, Mid North Coast and Australia wide. Solutions, Actions and Outcomes

robyn gleeson business consultant
robyn gleeson business consultant

Experienced Business Consultant

RAG Consulting is a premier business consulting firm founded by strategic business coach Robyn Gleeson. Located in Port Macquarie, New South Wales, Australia, RAG Consulting is renowned for delivering practical, effective solutions and actionable outcomes to clients across the NSW Mid North Coast and Australia wide.

Robyn Gleeson is a seasoned professional with over three decades of leadership experience in the real estate industry. Her extensive background in business operations, human resources, people and culture, and vast leadership experience has solidified her reputation as a powerhouse in these fields. Robyn’s warm and approachable demeanour, combined with her ability to leverage each person’s strengths, ensures maximized contributions both in their careers and personal lives.

RAG Consulting utilises Contribution Compass profiling to foster deep connections and enhance self-awareness amongst clients and teams alike. This tool is an integral resource to this consulting practice, ensuring tailored and impactful guidance is always provided to debrief clients and teams on how to obtain the best outcome for all involved.

Robyn specialises in strategic business consulting and coaching, helping organizations align with their core values and achieve outstanding results. Robyn’s boundless energy, personable approach, and strong leadership expertise has inspired numerous businesses to overcome many challenges and thrive their way forward. RAG Consulting is very dedicated to supporting business owners and their teams, regardless of size, in reaching the next level and achieving positive, lasting positive outcomes. The results speak for themselves from clients who have testified that with Robyn’s guidance, they have grown beyond anywhere previously thought possible. If you are seeking to shake things up to reach to new levels in profitability and business flow, RAG Consulting is waiting your calls

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RAG Consulting, your trusted business consultant in Port Macquarie, offers a range of tailored consulting services to help solve your practical business problems or work through complex issues within your team. With over three decades of experience in the real estate industry, Robyn Gleeson is a dynamic leader who can guide you through any business challenge you may face.

What do people have to say about Robyn?

Robyn Gleeson has been well known to me professionally for around 15 years.

Having co owned her own real estate practise for many years I observed her success leading a large team through many different economic climates and watched her maneuver around several significant challenges in that time.

In good times and bad, Robyn stays grounded and is a true winner and is well recognised for her National award winning talents particularly in the Property Management space.

If you are looking to seek some professional guidance on your many day to day challenges or looking for some mentorship for your team, I have no hesitation in referring you to Robyn.

Genuine and generous at heart, Robyn can help you at grass roots level to get your team performing to their full potential.


Our business has been working with Robyn for some time now & have been very happy with the results we have achieved so far + a lovely person too.


Robyn Gleeson is a women with a huge capacity to help others, she openly shares her several decades of industry experience in the hope others can have the level of success she has. Robyn is a huge advocate for being your best and committed in every area of your life, health, happiness and well-being are at the top of the list when talking success. If you feel you need to have someone on your team to mentor and support, you I would recommend reaching out to Robyn today.


I have had the pleasure and honour of knowing Robyn Gleeson in both a professional and personal capacity for 13 years.

I initially met Robyn in my capacity as a State Manager with Elders Limited then continued to work closely with her and her team when I transitioned to the National Operations Manager as her office was one of the country’s leading performers for the group.

Robyn has always been an inspirational professional and business owner, inspiring her team & those around her, continually celebrating National Accolades and maintaining “Elite Status” for the Elders Group for the past 10 years, a true testament to a truly driven individual.

We have stayed in touch since my departure from Elders and it’s been a pleasure to witness Robyn’s development and continued success. I have invited Robyn to speak at REI NSW State Conferences and Di Jones Events as she always have something special to contribute. Her coaching is practical, no nonsense and provides immediate practical take aways.

If you are seeking assistance with your operations, trying to achieve growth organically in your property management department or looking for retention techniques for your people then you should start a conversation with Robyn today about how she can assist with a sustainable business


Robyn is the best. Professional, driven and ultra-knowledgeable. If you want results, she’s the consultant you need.


We have had the pleasure of working with Robyn Gleeson from RAG Consulting for a couple of years now and could not be happier with the difference her regular coaching has positively impacted on our team and overall business.

Robyn consistently comes up with practical and affordable solutions and thinks with vision and outside the square. She keeps us motivated and on track and has fabulous foresight, reminds us of the importance of smaller things that can quickly escalate into potential issues later on if unaddressed.

We would highly recommend Robyn as a strategic business coach for any business needing her services. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss this further.


Robyn is such a very inspirational lady; she goes above and beyond with her couching and has had such a huge impact on our company. Can’t wait to keep working with her!


It is a pleasure to comment on my recent experience of being involved in a number of training and development sessions conducted by Robyn Gleeson.

Robyn conducted sessions on topics relevant to the ever changing real industry as it is today, with particular emphasis on being prepared for whatever may occur and to be professional in every facet of your role.

Robyn has significant experience in managing a very successful business over a long period of time and it is obvious she is passionate about providing an exceptional service. Her attitude towards being a professional obviously has significant benefits to the business however it also has additional benefits for your personal life and wellbeing.

Whilst the sessions I attended were directed towards the real estate industry they also apply to other industries and will be beneficial to all who attend.

I especially appreciated being able to receive training and mentoring at such a high level whilst living in a regional area, services of such high calibre are usually restricted to metropolitan areas which can be difficult for regional people to attend.

I highly recommend Robyn Gleeson as a training and mentoring consultant. Professional services similar to hers were not available when I commenced my real estate career 29 years ago, I wish they were.


Robyn is a natural with empowering and energising employees with a collaborative and fresh approach.
Robyn enables businesses to make the shift to achieve their full potential and drive teams forward with passion, enthusiasm, and motivation.


Robyn is a warm and approachable person who brings a wealth of knowledge and years of practical experience to back her consulting. You will certainly gain from her expertise and benefit on many levels. Robyn’s positivity is infectious!


Benefits of Working With RAG Consulting

Located in Port Macquarie, RAG Consulting offers tailored consulting services to meet your unique business needs. As a highly experienced business coach and consultant, Robyn Gleeson can provide practical problem-solving solutions or facilitate workshops to address complex team issues. Whether you’re facing difficult staff members or seeking to increase leads and sales, Robyn’s expertise as a business coach can guide you through any challenge. Trust RAG Consulting to help you navigate the ups and downs of managing a successful business.

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