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how I can help you

Contribution Compass Profiling

Individual and team sessions available with this powerful profiling resource based on the ancient principles of IChing, focusing on each person’s natural energy.

RAG Consulting is a leading business consultant based in Port Macquarie, providing expert consulting services to businesses on the mid north coast and across Australia. We specialize in individual and team mentoring and coaching, leadership support and skills development, custom workshops, and recruitment management. Our founder, Robyn Gleeson, is a highly experienced business owner and business coach in Port Macquarie. With her help, many businesses have successfully managed difficult staff and clients, improved workplace culture and employee wellbeing, recruited great staff, and grown revenue and margins. As a business owner herself, Robyn understands the stress, challenges, and isolation that come with running a business and making tough decisions. She provides practical and empathetic leadership support through tough business times. Contact RAG Consulting today for all your business consulting needs on the mid north coast and beyond.

Specialist Business Consulting

Leadership Coaching & Support

One on one or group coaching for leadership teams , work to a formatted custom designed plan according to your needs.

Custom Designed workshops

Customised workshops to resolve pain points, identify gaps, and inbalances to assist with team alignment - everyone contributing to their maximum.

Workplace Wellness

Improve wellbeing, happiness, culture, retention and motivation in your workplace.


Amazing mentoring and support in person or via video or phone tailored to your requirements.

Recruitment Profiling

Take the hassle out of your staff recruitment process and find the right person for the position.


Group and Individual coaching to build skills, manage challenging situations & improve workplace culture.

Benefits of Working With RAG Consulting


  1. Assists with team retention and engagement.
  2. Helps support team culture in developing a deeper understanding of oneself and all other team members.
  3. Creates a self and team awareness around why we are all different in a positive way
  4. Supports awareness around maximising productivity therefore profitability.
  5. Aids as a perfect recruitment tool to add to your onboarding procedure.
  6. Uncovers the blind spots which can be your achilleas heel further down the track.
  7. Can be utilised to identify the best position for your people and where your team members will shine, not just survive.
  8. Can assist with teams that are out of balance or need a reset.
  9. Creates an awareness around how the team “shows up” and gives insight into the signs when someone in the team is struggling.
  10. Assists with unlocking the blind spots inside teams, therefore, creating the concept of balance, harmony, and a better understanding of emotional intelligence.

Contact Robyn today to discuss how she can help your business and for a no-obligation free introductory phone call.