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I have had the pleasure and honour of knowing Robyn Gleeson in both a professional and personal capacity for 13 years.

I initially met Robyn in my capacity as a State Manager with Elders Limited then continued to work closely with her and her team when I transitioned to the National Operations Manager as her office was one of the country’s leading performers for the group.

Robyn has always been an inspirational professional and business owner, inspiring her team & those around her, continually celebrating National Accolades and maintaining “Elite Status” for the Elders Group for the past 10 years, a true testament to a truly driven individual.

We have stayed in touch since my departure from Elders and it’s been a pleasure to witness Robyn’s development and continued success. I have invited Robyn to speak at REI NSW State Conferences and Di Jones Events as she always have something special to contribute. Her coaching is practical, no nonsense and provides immediate practical take aways.

If you are seeking assistance with your operations, trying to achieve growth organically in your property management department or looking for retention techniques for your people then you should start a conversation with Robyn today about how she can assist with a sustainable business.
Robyn Gleeson has been well known to me professionally for around 15 years.

Having co owned her own real estate practise for many years I observed her success leading a large team through many different economic climates and watched her maneuver around several significant challenges in that time.

In good times and bad, Robyn stays grounded and is a true winner and is well recognised for her National award winning talents particularly in the Property Management space.

If you are looking to seek some professional guidance on your many day to day challenges or looking for some mentorship for your team, I have no hesitation in referring you to Robyn.

Genuine and generous at heart, Robyn can help you at grass roots level to get your team performing to their full potential.
It is a pleasure to comment on my recent experience of being involved in a number of training and development sessions conducted by Robyn Gleeson.

Robyn conducted sessions on topics relevant to the ever changing real industry as it is today, with particular emphasis on being prepared for whatever may occur and to be professional in every facet of your role.

Robyn has significant experience in managing a very successful business over a long period of time and it is obvious she is passionate about providing an exceptional service. Her attitude towards being a professional obviously has significant benefits to the business however it also has additional benefits for your personal life and wellbeing.

Whilst the sessions I attended were directed towards the real estate industry they also apply to other industries and will be beneficial to all who attend.

I especially appreciated being able to receive training and mentoring at such a high level whilst living in a regional area, services of such high calibre are usually restricted to metropolitan areas which can be difficult for regional people to attend.

I highly recommend Robyn Gleeson as a training and mentoring consultant. Professional services similar to hers were not available when I commenced my real estate career 29 years ago, I wish they were.